Woman Will Name Baby Megatron if Facebook Page Gets 1M Fans

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It's time for Mom to start saving up for baby Megatron's therapy bills. Credit: Facebook

What would it take to get you to name your baby Megatron? For one pregnant woman, all it takes is a persistent brother and a million Facebook fans.

According to the page "MY SISTER SAID IF I GET ONE MILLION FANS SHE WILL NAME HER BABY MEGATRON," Mike Affinito, an uncle-to-be, "started this group like 12 days ago," in an effort to get his sister to name her baby after the leader of the Decepticons.

The baby is due Aug. 9 and the page already has 868,212 fans, so it's looking like Mom should start finding a middle name that flows well with Megatron. How about Irving?

While our childhood selves think naming a baby after a character from Transformers is totally awesome, our adult selves find this, oh, slightly irresponsible. But the real question remains: If she has another baby, will she name it Optimus Prime?

Click below for a touch of Transformers nostalgia:

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