'Congratulations! You Just Won a Baby!'

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They're not exactly handing out babies at a conference in Minnesota this weekend, but thousands of dollars worth of in vitro fertilization services comes close. Credit: Hammer51012, Flickr

"And this is our son Hubert. We won him in a raffle."

It could happen.

They're giving away some wild door prizes
this weekend -- including in vitro fertilization treatments, two years of storage for frozen embryos and discounts on adoption services -- at the annual family-building conference of the Minnesota chapter of RESOLVE, a national infertility advocacy group.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports sessions will focus on medical and emotional issues associated with infertility and adoption. Topics include new medical treatments, legal issues and parenting options.
And there will be door prizes, the paper reports. Wow, will there be door prizes.

The in vitro fertilization treatments are valued at $12,000, the storage of frozen embryos at $500 and the adoption discounts at $300.

Some people would be happy with a tote bag. But for many infertile couples, these are "life-changing gifts," Julie Berman, a volunteer for the Minnesota chapter, tells the Star Tribune.

She says conference organizers hand out donated prizes every year. Many winners have succeeded in becoming parents as a result, Berman tells the newspaper. But this time, she adds, "we are having a banner year."

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