Kate Gosselin Says She's 'Dancing' to Support Her Kids, Not an Obsession With Fame

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Kate Gosselin steps out with Tony Dovolani, her "Dancing with the Stars" partner. Credit: Amanda Schwab, AP

In the immortal words of Don Henley, "All she wants to do is dance."

Kate Gosselin, the original Octomom, is taking heat from critics after signing on for the new season of "Dancing With the Stars." Accused of neglecting her kids to pursue her celebrity ambitions, Gosselin is striking back and defending her position.

"If I was financially able to provide for eight kids on my former salary as a nurse, I would do it ... but that's not possible ... I cannot rely on the fact that Jon will be there to help support the kids, so I approach it as if I am the sole provider," Gosselin tells People magazine.

"If I last two weeks on the show, I've shown my kids that hard work and perseverance pays off," Gosselin tells People, adding, "and if I don't win, I've shown them you don't always have to come in first. You just have to keep on trying."

Gosselin's "Dancing" partner Tony Dovolani tells People, "She's just a complete role model as a mom."

Watch Gosselin discuss her "Dancing" schedule, where she reveals that she's "often up 20 of the 24 hours a day, every day":

What do you think? Is Kate doing the show to support her kids, or does she just want to be famous?

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