Mother Gets Friendly Note - From the President of the United States

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You pick up the mail, and it's the same old stuff. Bills, bills, bills, credit card offer, letter from the President of the United States.


Tiffany Smith did a double take. The last thing the Detroit mother expected when she went to the mailbox last week was a personal note from President Obama.Sure, she wrote to him, but he's the leader of the free world. She really wasn't expecting him to reply. But she could tell from return address this was special.

"And that's when I said, 'Oh, my God. This is from the White House'," she tells WDVIV, the NBC affiliate in Detroit.

It wasn't written by some flunky either.

"It's his actual signature at the bottom. It's not a stamped signature. It's his actual signature," Smith tells WDIV. "So, I was like, 'Wow'."

Smith wrote to Obama during the health care debate to share her 7-year-old daughter Tania's struggles with cystic fibrosis. Smith tells WDIV she explained how Tania's already been admitted to Children's Hospital in Detroit 28 times.

Smith added that she and her husband both have jobs, but are constantly strapped for cash because of costly co-pays for her daughter's 10 monthly prescriptions.

"It's a struggle, day by day," Smith wrote.

She tells WDIV the president wrote about his own struggles with his grandmother's costly medical expenses. He referred Smith to a Web site and phone number where Smith could get some help with the co-pays.

Smith tells WDIV she's grateful she even got a response.

"Thank you, Mr. president, for writing back and responding," she adds.

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