CPSC Chief Inez Tenenbaum Says China Has 'Gotten The Message'

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CPSC Chairwoman Inez Tenenbaum. Credit: Robert Giroux/MCT

"Made in China."

It's the calling card of a staggering percentage of products that Americans buy. And what does that phrase conjure for you? Poorly made? Dangerous? Ask America's top product safety official about Chinese-made products and you're going to get a different answer. She said change is already here -- asserting there's a new awareness among Chinese government officials and manufacturers that has led to a noticeable difference in imports from that country meeting U.S. standards.

Consumer Product Safety Commission Chairwoman Inez Tenenbaum said recent law changes in the U.S. and a constant dialogue with the Chinese government is yielding results that should end up with American consumers feeling better about Chinese products.

"They have gotten the message," Tenenbaum said. "And it's very important to the Chinese that the brand 'Made in China' have a positive meaning to Americans, since we are probably the largest consuming nation of Chinese products ... Our economies are tied, but we do not jeopardize safety for trade issues."

She said the Chinese have closed some factories that violated U.S. safety laws.

To watch the interview and read more about this issue, visit WalletPop.com/consumer-ally.

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