Mom's Fight to Hang Her Laundry Outside Gets Dirty

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It's not easy being green. Credit: NBC Philadelphia

A Philadelphia-area mom is letting it all hang out, and her neighbors don't like it.

Patty Pozeynot of Skippack Township, Pa., was fined $100 by her Hunter Ridge neighborhood association for hanging her laundry to dry on her back porch clothesline.

"I wanna hang out my laundry because I think it's better for our environment, it's the green thing to do," Pozeynot tells NBC Philadelphia.

The development banned residents from hanging clothes a year after she moved in. She has to get more than half of her 55 neighbors to sign a petition to allow her to legally hang her clothes. Pozeynot so far has gotten only 19 of the 38 signatures needed, but another neighbor has gotten enough and hangs clothes out to dry, NBC Philadelphia reports.

Some residents don't want to see the anti-clothesline rule changed.

"You change one rule, what's going to be next," says resident Karen Kelly. "I think if everybody did it, I don't think it would look appealing."

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