Stroller Review: Combi Twin Sport

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$230, Amazon

Combi Twin Sport

The Basics:
22.25 pounds. Good from birth to 45 pounds per seat. 29.75 inches at the widest point when it's unfolded. Collapses to 24.5 by 16.25 by 40.5 inches.

The Lowdown: For parents looking for a compact, lightweight stroller, Combi's Twin Sport may be the perfect buy. In the compact double stroller market, it's difficult to beat Maclaren's outstanding Twin Techno, but the Twin Sport comes pretty close. The frame feels slightly less durable, but the Twin Sport weighs five pounds less and is $100 cheaper than the Twin Techno.

The best thing about the Twin Sport is its fold. It's quick and simple to collapse, it's self-standing, and it's no bigger than a large vacuum. Sedan-owning or apartment-living families will love the Twin Sport. Popping it open is a cinch, too. A quick shake and a press of the foot and it's set to go.

Another big plus is that the Twin Sport is suitable even for newborns, thanks to a infant safety boot and a flat recline. Still, the seats are wide and tall enough to accommodate larger toddlers.

Where the Twin Sport is lacking is in its canopies and its storage. The canopies are short and incredibly flimsy. The storage basket is minimal and the stroller doesn't feature an adult storage tray or cup holder. Parents who like to take everything with them for the day may want to look for a different stroller.

You'll Want It If: A lightweight stroller that's easy-to-use and easy-to-store is on your must-have list.

The Combi Twin Sport Side by Side Double Stroller is available for $230 on Amazon.


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