Helpful Dads May Hurt Moms' Self-Esteem

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Working moms' feelings of accomplishment diminish as societal norms change and dads engage in bigger roles at home with the kids, Live Science reports.

New research, to be published in the journal, "Personal Relationships," finds that while more women enter the workforce and have less time for care-giving and at-home tasks, more men begin helping out with the kids and household chores. This can lower women's self-esteem as they lose pride in their motherly duties.

In the study, researchers interviewed 78 couples in the United States, with 8-month-old infants.The findings revealed that women spent nearly three times as much time taking care of the babies by themselves than their husbands, and husbands rated their wives' parenting skills well above what women rated their husbands' skills.

However, women said their husbands were good parents even if they helped with normal care-giving like feeding and changing diapers. Husbands, on the other hand, didn't think these tasks contributed to making their wives good parents, most likely because they expect women to do this.

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