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BOB Revolution Duallie Stroller

The Basics:
32 pounds. Two months to 50 pounds per seat, though the company recommends waiting until children are 8 months of age prior to using this stroller for jogging or off-roading. 34.1 inches at the widest point when unfolded. Collapses to 45 by 21 by 38.7 inches.*

The Lowdown: BOB is known for the durability and superiority of their jogging strollers, and the Revolution Duallie doesn't disappoint. This stroller offers amazing maneuverability. Sixteen-inch, air-filled tires and a shock absorber suspension system mean that this stroller can be taken over even the roughest of terrain with ease. Children remain relatively unbothered thanks to the Revolution Duallie's impossibly smooth ride. The stroller also features a wheel tracking adjustment lever, to keep your jog straight and smooth.

The wide seats feature durable, removable and machine washable fabric covers. The seats do not have a full recline, but one seat can be used with a infant carrier. The large canopies feature a unique adjusting strap, which better shields kids from sun, wind or rain than comparable models.

Another great feature is the Duallie's plentiful storage. The large cargo basket is perfect for stashing diaper bags or picnic baskets. Back pockets are large and allow easy access for parents. The seats also feature four internal pockets, which allow children to keep small toys, snacks or bottles within reach.

The one drawback of this stroller is its size. Granted, all double jogging strollers on the market are relatively large, but we wish the Duallie fit better through standard doors. The collapse of this stroller is relatively easy, but it does take two hands. Once folded it is bulky. The wheels feature a quick release mechanism to allow for a more compact fold. Plus, BOB also makes a model of the double Revolution with 12-inch wheels that make the stroller smaller. Still, families with sedans should check the dimensions of the stroller prior to purchasing it.

You'll Want It If: Your family is incredibly active and you need a stroller that can keep up.

*Note that all dimensions are when the stroller is in the jogging mode.

The BOB Revolution Duallie Stroller is available for $569 on Amazon.

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