Baby Jogger City Mini Double 2010 Stroller Review

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Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller

The Basics: 26 pounds. Good from birth to 50 pounds per seat. 29 inches at the widest point when it's unfolded. Collapses to 29.5 by 29 by 11 inches.

The Lowdown: The City Mini Double is Baby Jogger's offering for families who like the idea of a full-sized all-terrain double stroller, but don't want to deal with a stroller that is big and heavy. Compared to their more traditional City Elite model, this stroller is an inch narrower and, at only 26 pounds, 12 pounds lighter. Baby Jogger also offers an even lighter weight double, the City Micro, but we found the Micro to be relatively flimsy and less durable than the City Mini.

The City Mini's maneuverability is one of the best double's we've tried. It turns surprisingly well. We had no problems with it veering toward one side whether we had two children of different weights in the stroller or we're attempting to steer with one hand. The stroller, like comparable models, does not have a particularly compact fold, but we found it small enough to store in a large closet. Plus, its light weight is definitely a positive when trying to hoist the stroller into a car.

The seats in the stroller are comfortable and the fabric appears durable and easy to clean. Potential buyers should note that the stroller is fairly bare bones. The $400 price tag is reasonable for a stroller of this quality. However, you're not getting accessories -- such as rain canopy, seat boots, or car seat adapters -- that you get with similar models. Additionally, we found that the City Mini Double could use more storage. The 2010 model does offer more room in the underseat storage basket, but we still wish that the company included an adult storage compartment or a drink holder.

You'll Want It If: You need a stroller that can handle lots of walking and rough terrain, but still need something that is easy to store and quick to travel with.

TheBaby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller is available for $400 on Amazon.


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