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World Repair Kit

Help them make a change. Credit: Serena & Lily

Did you know that if you baked 20 cookies and sold them for $1 each, you could raise enough money to donate a flock of chickens and feed a family of five for one year? Neither did we, until we starting reading the World Repair Guidebook.

This kit, by kid-design mavens Serena and Lily, is full of ideas to help young people get involved in issues facing their communities and the planet, from hunger to homelessness to global warming. There are creative projects and suggestions for volunteer work and ways to raise money for their causes of choice. And for every good deed completed they can add a stamp to their World Repair Passport. It will inspire concerned kids and wii-addicts alike to get out there and make a difference.

Available for $25 at worldrepairkit.com.

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