How to Buy a Rocking Chair

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Comfort is key when selecting a rocking chair. Credit: hownowdesign, Flickr

Adding a rocking chair to a nursery can help transform a room into a peaceful place for lullabies and special time with your baby.

Champ Land, vice president of the Troutman Rocking Chair Company, says the purchase of a rocking chair should be based on the comfort it provides.

"It's got to be comfortable," he says. "A rocker has a lot of movement. You need to make sure it is constructed well and find out what the warranty is."

In a phone interview with ParentDish, Land says the first thing to do, when looking at a rocker, is to tilt it towards you.

"In effect, you are looking down the rails," he says. When you look at the rails, they should be arced away from you with a "nice, smooth, rounded back."

The rocking chair should allow your shoulders to hang normally with a straight bar in between the posts, says Land, who owns the North Carolina-based company with his wife.

Here's some advice from Land on testing a rocking chair:

  • Sit in it and raise your legs. A chair with incorrect pitch will send you forward.
  • Consider the height and shape of the seat of the rocking chair. Parents also might be interested in a child's rocking chair for an older sibling, which would be in smaller proportions to the adult size models.
  • Consider the level of the armrests. If too high, you may slide out of the chair, and, if too low, your posture suffers. Some chairs come without armrests, which might work well for rocking a baby to sleep.
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