Gisele Bundchen Takes Baby Benjamin to Brazil

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Gisele walks through LAX on March 22. Credit: RACHPOOT/SS/

Her supermodelness Gisele Bundchen is off to introduce her 3-month-old baby, Benjamin, to her family in Brazil.

Bundchen, who is in her homeland for some public appearances and the wedding of her twin sister, Patricia, this weekend, has been vocal about how motherhood has changed her priorities.

"It's like donating yourself," Bundchen tells Brazilian TV show "Fantástico," People reports. "You don't think about yourself anymore. I'm breastfeeding every two or three hours, (so) you don't sleep well. You forget everything after looking at the face of a little angel. Anything else doesn't matter -- just him who really matters."

And, just because Benjamin is growing up in the United States and dad Tom Brady is the quintessential all-American football hero, Bundchen is adamant that her son connect with his Brazilian heritage.

"I only talk in Portuguese when I'm with him. I think he must get used to the language and learn it; is important to be bilingual," she tells Brazil's Folha de São Paulo newspaper.

Bundchen sounds just like a typical, blissed-out new mom. But her post-baby weight loss? That's all supermodel.

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