Infantino Recalls 1 Million Baby Slings After Three Infants Die

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Infantino Slingrider / Credit: CPSC

On the heels of a warning by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission about the potentially lethal risks of using baby slings, Infantino is recalling more than 1 million Wendy Bellissimo and SlingRider models linked to the deaths of at least three babies.

All three babies died last year, the CPSC said: A 7-week-old in Philadelphia; a 6-day-old in Salem, Ore.; and a 3-month-old in Cincinnati.

The CPSC said 1 million are being recalled in the U.S. and about 15,000 in Canada. The slings have been deemed unsafe for any infant under 4 months old due to the risk of suffocation and should not be used. Infantino will replace them with another product.

"The CPSC felt it was important two weeks ago to warn all parents about the danger with certain infant slings and show ways to use them safely," says CPSC spokesman Scott Wolfson. "Today we have identified one sling in particular that poses a risk of suffocation to babies."

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