Make-and-Learn Crafts: Passover Seder Plate

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For a Pesach with panache, get kids to craft a bright seder plate. Photo: Gina Provenzano

This year, when pulling out the special crystal and china for the Passover seder, keep the kids in mind. After all, much of the ritual surrounding Passover is the recounting of the story of the exodus from Egypt and the conveyance of the Jewish faith from the elders to the youngsters. The observance encourages kids to get involved and ask questions. We think that crafting a bright pink and purple Passover seder plate for the occasion is a fine way to elicit curiosity and conversation.

What You'll Need:

White foam board or cardboard, available at art and craft stores like Michael's
Bowl or platter, for a circle pattern, about 16" in diameter
Scissor or utility knife, adults only
White paint and paint brush, if using cardboard
Rick rack
Buttons and other embellishments, as desired
White tacky glue
6 silicone or paper baking cups, like these at amazon, or glass condiment bowls, like these at Chefs Catalog

Simplify the design for younger ones with silicone baking cups. Photo: Gina Provenzano

1. On foam board or cardboard, trace around the top rim of bowl or platter with pencil.
2. Place board on a well-protected surface, and an adult only should use a utility knife to cut out the circle. Or, if you'd rather, use scissors to cut out the board.
3. If using cardboard, now's the time to paint it with white acrylic paint. Let it dry thoroughly.
4. Place baking cups or bowls around the rim of the plate, spacing them evenly. Using them as a guide, draw a squiggly circle around each cup with a black marker. Remove the cups.
5. Outline each squiggly circle with another, slightly larger one. Then using another baking cup or bowl as a guide, draw a squiggly circle at the center of the plate and outline this one, too.
6. Draw the Star of David inside the center circle. Use the markers to color in each circle and outline. When done, use the black marker to indicate the symbolic food on each circle -- a shank bone, charoset, bitter herbs, hard-boiled egg and leafy, green vegetable.
7. Glue bright buttons around the center circle and rick rack around the board rim. Add other embellishments as your artist desires.
8. Older children can use glass bowls and decorate them with rick rack or ribbon trim and buttons. Younger ones can simply place the silicone cups at each marking.

TIP: Older kids might enjoy using a ceramic or plastic platter instead of cardboard. Either one is easy to find at grocery and home stores like Target. Use paint markers instead of regular markers to write on these.

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