Stella McCartney Unveils GapKids Spring Collection

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Look good, play hard. Credit: Gap

This season, Stella McCartney is thinking small. Kid-sized, actually.

In her second collection for GapKids, the famed British designer and mother of three keeps the colors bright and the attitude fun. The line, which is priced from $14 to $78, ranges from comfy basics, such as worn-in hoodies, to statement pieces, including a jaunty anchor sweater.

ParentDish checked out a preview of the line in New York this week, where we were especially digging the sweet eyelet dresses and the cool Western-style embroidered denim shirt. In fact, after fawning over the crisp orange gingham jacket and the vibrant ankle-wrap espadrilles, we had only one question: Why doesn't this line come in adult sizes?

Clearly we weren't alone -- we even witnessed one (albeit petite) adult woman try to wedge her foot into a pair of kid-sized ski-style boots. (Maybe she wasn't interested in McCartney's $625 Birkenstock stilettos?)

The new Stella McCartney for GapKids line will be available in stores and online by March 30.

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