Stroller Review: Easy Walker Duo

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Credit: Amazon

EasyWalker DUO In Aqua

The Basics:
The stroller weighs 37 pounds. Good from birth to 98 pounds. The Duo is 29.8 inches at the widest point when it's unfolded. Collapses to 35 by 29.8 by 19.5 inches.

The Lowdown: The EasyWalker Duo is a double stroller with a unique feature that, for some parents, is going to make the whopping $700 price tag (without carrycots!) completely and totally worth it: It takes two car seats. The Duo is one of the only twin strollers on the market with this ability. For parents with twins or younger babies closer in age, this is a huge asset. Plus, since the twin stroller has a maximum capacity of 98 pounds, the Duo will take you straight through all your stroller years.

Other notable features on this Dutch-designed stroller are its air-filled, all-terrain tires; a height adjustable handlebar for parents; and roomy seats with durable covers. Despite its weight and size, the Duo is fairly easy to maneuver. However, depending on the weight distribution of the two riding children, the stroller can veer slightly when steering with one hand. This is particularly frustrating as the stroller does not come with an adult cup holder or a parent storage tray. Steering while drinking a coffee or taking a phone call can be difficult. Still, it handles rough terrain with ease and its ride is smooth enough to keep sleeping babies, well, sleeping.

The main drawback to the Duo twin stroller is its size. The Duo is quite simple to collapse, but it takes two hands. Plus, the stroller isn't very compact once collapsed. You'll need a large trunk and plenty of home storage space for this stroller.

You'll Want It If: You're looking for a stroller that can accommodate two car seats, love to take outdoor walks, and have plenty of home and car storage space.

The EasyWalker DUO is available for $700 on Amazon.


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