Basketball Team Cries Foul Over Player Disqualifications for State Tournament

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Three of the best players on a Florida youth basketball team have been barred from playing in the league's state finals.

Their disqualifications don't stem from on-court offenses, though. Instead, the players from the 12-and-under Boynton Hoops team were ousted from the Police Athletic League (PAL) tournament because their parents, instead of them, signed on one line of their application forms, The Palm Beach Post reports. A fourth player was initially disqualified for submitting a black-and-white photo instead of a color photo, but PAL has now allowed him to play.

L.B. Scott, Florida PAL executive director, wrote to PAL board members in an e-mail, "Please remember as an organization we have a right to have rules and to enforce them."

Other PAL officials disagree with Scott's reasoning.

"I believe that a player should not be disqualified over a signature that has no legal bearing at all," writes Jose Flores, Region 1 director, in an e-mail to Scott and other members of the state board. "I completely understand the need for rules. But I don't think this is a rule that should cause disqualification."

Some parents think Scott disqualified the players to hinder the south Florida PAL teams in the state championships, the Post reports.

"We've won the state championship two years in a row," says Dijoun Farquharson, 12, who was barred from the championship along with Daniel Iscoe, 10, and Christoff Nairn, 11. "They want their home teams to win."

The state PAL board meets today to discuss the disqualifications, and the three players have a hearing on April 7 in Duval County Court to request a temporary injunction against the state PAL organization, the Post reports.

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