How to Play: Easter Egg Race

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Dyed eggs are used in this Easter game. Credit: Hendricks Photos, Flickr

What you need: An even number of colored hard-boiled eggs -- half of them one color, the other half another color (for example, six green eggs and six pink eggs). You also need two baskets.

How to play: Place all of the eggs of one color in a line on the floor at one-foot intervals. At the end of the line, place a basket. Form a similar line with the eggs of the other color a little distance from the first line. Choose two players as leaders -- they will pick their teams. Each team stands by its row.

The rules: The two leaders go first. Each is given a large spoon, and when told to "go," each player spoons up the eggs, one at a time, and carries them to the basket at the end of the line. The one who succeeds in spooning up all of his or her eggs first wins for his or her team, and that team wins one point. The eggs are then returned to their positions in the lines, and the next players go. Each player in turn works for his or her team until all have had a chance.

How to win: The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

What else you need to know: If you don't use hard-boiled eggs, you may want to have some spare eggs ready to replace broken ones.

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