Stroller Review: 2010 Mountain Buggy Duo

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Mountain Buggy Duo

The Basics: The twin stroller weighs 36 pounds with seat. Good from birth to 110 pounds. 29 inches at the widest point when it's unfolded. Collapses to 40.7 by 29 by 13.4 inches.

The Lowdown: The 2010 Mountain Buggy Duo is a durable, all-terrain twin stroller, and great for growing families. This double has long been a favorite of active-minded families, but the 2010 model offers a couple of stellar improvements. The frame is now narrower, so fitting through standard doors is a breeze. Plus, the new edition features dual canopies, allowing parents to better shield children from the elements.

The Mountain Buggy Duo stands out for its effortless maneuverability. It handles rough terrain with ease. Perhaps more surprising, however, is that the twin stroller performs amazingly well with vastly different weights in the seats. Most double strollers tend to veer toward one side when the weight of the two passengers varies significantly. The balance of the Mountain Buggy is superior.

The Duo can accommodate two carry cots, but can only accommodate one infant carrier at a time. Parents looking for an all-terrain double that can take two infant carriers should look to the EasyWalker Duo.

Like many comparable doubles, the Mountain Buggy Duo's one drawback is its size. At 36 pounds, it is difficult to lug this stroller up stairs or hoist it into a trunk. The wheels are removable for a flatter fold. Still, families looking for a more storage-friendly stroller may want to consider an inline model.

You'll Want It If: You have an active family looking for a durable twin stroller that can go from the mall to the hiking trail with ease.

The Mountain Buggy Duo is available for $680 on Amazon.

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