Stroller Reivew: Kelty Speedster Swivel-Deluxe

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Kelty Speedster Deluxe Swivel

The Basics: The stroller weighs 22 pounds. Good to 70 pounds. Twenty-four inches at the widest point when it's unfolded. Collapses to 36 inches by 21 1/2 inches by 19 inches.

The Lowdown: The Speedster Swivel Deluxe is Kelty's second addition to their high-performance stroller line. Traditional jogging strollers, like the original Speedster Fixed, have a fixed front wheel. The Speedster Swivel Deluxe allows parents to switch to a swiveling front wheel, making it suited for everyday use.

The stroller performs well when jogging. However, parents who have had the stroller for several months have noted that the stroller's tracking veers to one side or another. Unlike the B.O.B Revolution, the Speedster Swivel Deluxe doesn't have the functionality for parents to adjust the tracking.

While Kelty touts this model for its ability to be used as an everyday stroller, we found the length of the stroller a bit cumbersome for day-to-day activities. The extended wheel, perfect for jogging, means that this stroller is more than four feet long. That's a lot of stroller to deal with when running errands. The Speedster Fixed is $75 less. Parents who love the performance quality and durability of a Kelty may consider the fixed model and put the extra money toward a more everyday-friendly umbrella stroller.

You'll Want It If: You need a high performance stroller that can go from the jogging trail to the grocery store.

The Kelty Speedster Deluxe Swivel is available for $375 on Amazon.

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