How to Play: Bunny's Eggs

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Draw a bunny in this Pin the Tail on the Donkey-like game. Credit: stevendepolo, Flickr

What you need: For this Easter variation of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, you need a large white sheet, markers, tacks, scraps of colored cloth, pins and a blindfold.

How to play: On a sheet, draw a rough sketch of the Easter bunny, standing on its hind legs and holding its paws as if it were carrying an egg. Stretch the sheet on the wall and tack it firmly in place. Cut eggs out of different colored cloth to represent Easter eggs. The eggs should be as large as the space between the rabbit's paws. Stick a pin in each egg.

The rules: Blindfold the children in turn and give each an egg, which is to be pinned on the sheet, and right in the bunny's paws, if possible.

How to win: Whoever gets his or her egg closest to the Easter bunny's paws wins.

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