Mat Leave Drama, Dangerous Daycares and More

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As if finding quality childcare and dealing with sleep deprivation isn't enough for for moms to worry about, more Canadian women are facing pink slips when they try to return to work after mat leave.

Could dangerous chemicals be lurking in the dust at your child's daycare? Health Canada is launching a study to detect possibly hazardous substances - like flame retardants, bisphenol-A and phthalates - in the dust at daycare centres.

There is a new reason to make sure your kid keeps active. Canadian researchers are saying that a lack of regular exercise could negatively affect children's bone strength.

Is your child spending way too much time online? Demand for help has been growing as more and more young people struggle with internet addiction.

Looks like science supports junior wearing that Spiderman costume every day. A new study suggests that children aged four to seven will rebel if they feel their "personal domain" is being threatened.

And to think I peeled off all the stickers... Check out Canadian Rubik's Cube champion, 16-year-old Harris Chan.



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