How to Play: Easter Hop Spot

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Land on a winning square,win a candy prize! Credit: Asti21-culling time!, Flickr

What you need: Four pieces of construction paper in four different colors (like red, blue, yellow and green), for a total of 16 pieces of paper. You also need a die.

How to play: Number each piece of construction paper, one through four, for each color. You now need to assign a number to each color, like red = 1, blue = 2, green = 3, yellow = 4. The board will be a four by four square and it should be randomly set up as follows: Each color should have its own pile, with a mixed-up order, so that the order for each one is not 1,2,3,4. Now, roll the die and match the number to the color. So, if you roll a four, the first square in the first row would be a yellow square. Pull the first yellow square off the yellow pile and roll again. If the second roll is a 2, then you place a blue square in the next position -- row 1, square 2. Continue to roll and place squares down until each row has four squares.

Note you can have two or three of the same color in the same row, and if you run out of colors, just roll until you roll a color you have left. In the end, you want a four by four block.

The rules: The die will be rolled three times before each turn. The first roll of the die will determine the color of square the player must hop to (5 and 6 on the die = roll again). The second roll of the die will determine the number of the colored square the player must hop to (again, 5 and 6 on the die = roll again). The third roll of the die will determine how many hops the player must take to get to the square. Have the children roll the die to learn their starting point. Once all the kids are on the board, (more than one child can share the same spot) you can go around to each child and have them roll the die or you can have a parent roll and announce the move. The child must hop from their spot to the new spot based on the roll, however the player cannot hop on a spot if someone else is already standing on the spot. The child must go around the other players. Kids must see if they can manage to maneuver around a player to get the new spot. If the child is unable to make it to the spot, he or she is out of the game.

How to win: Play until there is only one remaining player -- this player is the winner.

What else you need to know: A fun variation can be to select to a square or two to be prize winners and if anyone lands on those squares, he or she wins a candy prize.


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