Opinion: 'Scarface School Play' Video Not a Big Effing Deal

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"Scarface School Play," the YouTube sensation of the week, wasn't the big effing deal that people thought it was. And we all just need to calm down.

It turns out that no school actually staged Brian DePalma's classic drug dealer movie as a play starring a pint size Al Pacino and mini Michelle Pfeiffer. The performance was a hoax perpetrated by Marc Klasfeld, who has directed music videos for Jay-Z and Avril Lavigne. I guess Klasfeld is a modern day P.T. Barnum -- he may not have fooled all of the people, but he certainly fooled some of them.

How did Klasfeld pull this off? Is he a genius? Nah. He just made a dopey video, put it on YouTube, and people believed the title. Because, as we all know, if something is on the Internet, it must be true.

Anyone who has seen a tape from a real school play should have been a little suspicious of the quality of this kiddie "Scarface." Even if you were fooled (no shame in that, I once looked up "gullible" in the dictionary), news that this was a professionally produced product came to light fairly quickly.

Of course, that didn't stop people from getting very effing angry about it.

One commenter on a news site ranted about the horribleness of teacher's unions, saying because of them, a teacher who put on "Scarface" as a school play would never be fired. Had that person read the story before commenting, he or she would have discovered the video was a fake. But then the commenter would have had to come up with a new reason to be angry at unions, or political parties or something else.

When children are angry, we try to get them to think about why they are so upset, and to consider the possibility that perhaps the object of their frustration is not worthy of such a strong reaction.

Whatever you think of the "Scarface School Play" video, it certainly isn't something that should inspire the level of anger that it did. Even if it had been an actual school play, what does that have to do with teacher's unions?

The next time some video goes viral (something that has probably happened in the time you've been reading this story), take some advice from the great philosopher Dora the Explorer: Stop and think. Take a time out for a minute before you start raging against your computer screen. You might find that it's just not a big effing deal.

Watch the video and tell us what you think.

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