Stroller Review: InStep Run Around LTD Jogging Stroller

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The Basics: The stroller weighs 29 pounds. Good to 50 pounds. 25 inches at the widest point when it's unfolded. Collapses to 39 inches by 25 inches by 23.5 inches.

The Lowdown: Instep Run Around LTD is one of the least expensive jogging strollers on the market. Its front wheel is fixed, which gives it less flexibility in which activities the stroller is appropriate for. Instep does offer some comparable low-priced joggers that have the option of a swivel-front wheel. However, they are $30 to $40 more expensive and we found that the more than four-foot length of the strollers to be unsuited for day-to-day activities even with the swivel wheel.

Compared to other joggers, the Run Around LTD is heavy and its collapsed dimensions are noticeably larger. Plus, the maximum weigh capacity is 20 pounds less than joggers produced by Mountain Buggy and B.O.B, so it won't last you as long. However, at $200 less, it's a great option for parents on a budget.

The stroller does not feel as durable as higher-end joggers, but the frame does feel sturdy. Storage is adequate and we found the fabric to be breathable without feeling cheap. The stroller is easy to control. It does, however, perform better when power walking than during a full jog.

You'll Want It If: You're looking for an outdoor stroller, great for power walking on a budget.

The InStep Run Around LTD Jogging Stroller is available for $100 to $186 (price varies by color) on Amazon.

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