Stroller Review: Combi USA Cosmo 2010

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Combi Cosmo DX Lightweight Stroller

The Basics: The stroller weighs 13.4 pounds. 55 pound weight maximum. 21.25 inches at the widest point when unfolded. Collapses to 17.75 by 10.5 by 40 inches.

The Lowdown: Combi's lightweight Cosmo is a "umbrella-plus" stroller. The stroller weighs less than 14 pounds and has a tiny, self-standing collapse, which makes this model super convenient. Families who love to travel by plane or car, or have limited home storage space, will love how easily this stroller is stored. The fold did take some getting used to, but was easy and took minimal effort. Its price tag is a little heftier than some comparable models, but what you get in exchange is a sturdier frame and a chic design.

The wide, reclining seat is lined in a breathable mesh fabric, making it ideal for warm or balmy climates. The adjustable canopy is surprisingly large and does a nice job of shielding children from the sun and wind.

The height of the Cosmo is ideal for taller moms and dads, but doesn't dwarf more petite parents. However, parents should be aware that there is no adult cupholder and storage is at a minimum. The storage basket fits little more than the absolute essentials, so parents should look to other stroller options if under-seat storage is a priority. Another drawback of the Cosmo is its wheels, which are relatively flimsy. Their small size means that rough terrain is a no-go with the Cosmo. Wet grass, sand, or even bumpy pavement will be a challenge. Additionally, while the weight is great for storing or lifting the Cosmo, it does mean that it can be difficult to steer. The stroller veers to the side and has difficulty making turns while pushing heavier children.

You'll Want It If: You're looking for a great secondary or travel stroller, but already have another stroller for most of your everyday errands.

The Combi Cosmo DX Lightweight Stroller is available for $130 on Amazon.


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