Woman Sues for Child Support 60 Years Later

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There's no statute of limitations on child support in California, and now an 81-year-old grandmother wants her son's father to pay.

Rosemary Douglas says Urban Joseph Grass, 82, owes $57,000 in back child support and interest, the Houston Chronicle reports.

Douglas got pregnant in 1950 and says Grass, to whom she was not married, was the father of the child. After she gave birth to her son, Gerald, she went to court to get an order for child support because Grass didn't want anything to do with her, the Chronicle reports.

However, Grass's attorney, Pedram Mansouri, says his client attended one court hearing that produced no child support order and was sent by the Army to Korea before any subsequent hearing, the Chronicle reports. He says Grass didn't know about the order that he pay $50 a month in support.

After attempting to find Grass through private attorneys when Gerald was about 5 or 6 years old, Douglas gave up, the Chronicle reports. Douglas, who married and had two more kids, says Gerald spent 32 years in the Air Force and recently retired as a lieutenant colonel.

Douglas, who is a widow, says she could use the $57,000 that she claims Grass owes her, which includes interest, the Chronicle reports.

"We are hoping to make this go away pretty quickly," Mansouri says. "I suspect it's an old lady down on her luck who's looking for some money."

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