New Kate Gosselin Drama: Jon to Seek Custody of Their Kids

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Is Kate neglecting her kids? Credit: Life & Style

While Kate Gosselin's spending all her time on Dancing with the Stars and painting herself as TV's hardest-working, devoted mom to the public, Jon's spending all of his time with the kids -- and he's fed up! Jon plans to file a petition for custody of their eight children and an insider close to the family says the kids are indeed happier when they're with Jon. "The kids have always preferred Jon over Kate," the insider tells Life & Style. "The kids always come in second or third in Kate's life. The nannies have more of a bond with them than her."

The insider continues to say that Jon is sick of Kate neglecting the kids and making all the money, while he can't afford the thousands in child support because TLC won't let him work. "When it's technically her time to be at home and she's away, Kate doesn't allow Jon over and has nannies stay with the kids," the insider says. "Jon is just trying to do what is in the best interest for the kids and him."

Even more damaging to the kids than her time spent on DWTS are the family secrets Kate spills in her new book, exclusively obtained by Life & Style. In her new book, I Just Want You to Know: Letters to My Children on Love, Faith and Family, Kate pens a deeply personal letter to each of her eight children.

Life & Style can reveal that in the book she apologizes for ruining her once perfect family. Writing to son Collin, Kate cruelly implies that the 6-year-old has a fear of abandonment -- and that her split with Jon has hit him the hardest. "I will never leave you," she writes to him. "I know that all the recent events in our family structure have greatly upset you, maybe you most of all. When I leave for work, I will always come back." And to son Aaden, she apologizes for taking away his dad. "I do not possess the skills to father you," she writes. "But I will do everything I can to show you the way." Kate also finally owns up to bullying her ex-husband. "Much of what I said to Jon was unwarranted," she admits.

On page after page, Kate recounts in vivid detail each child's suffering because of the divorce. While this may tug at readers' heartstrings, making such private information public will surely do nothing but humiliate the children in years to come.

But Kate doesn't seem concerned about how her kids will react to the book. Instead, the only opinion she appears to care about these days is her own. "She's back in diva mode," an insider confirms to Life & Style. "She's not the sweet, humble woman she's been pretending to be." And while Kate sounds like a model mom in her new book, her real-life actions have taken their toll. "Some of the kids are rebelling," the insider tells Life & Style. "The older girls are throwing around attitudes, and the younger kids are acting up at school." Not that Kate would notice. "She's caught up in herself now," the insider explains. "She's all about Kate."

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