Baby Pirulin Pee Pee Doll: A Little Too Real?

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Parents of baby boys know they need to watch out for flying pee when changing Junior's diaper. And now, with the sale of the Baby Pirulin Pee Pee Doll, your kids can experience the dodging of bodily functions for themselves.

This ad for the doll, made by a company called Famosa, shows a father playing with his daughter and her new toy. Then a certain part of the doll rises up and pees on Dad. You have to see it to believe it. Here's the video:

There are other anatomically correct dolls, and there also are dolls that pee. This is the only doll we know of that offers both distinctions.
Another version of the doll, Baby Wee Wee, was equally weird, although its ad did not feature parents getting peed on.

Both ads point out that batteries are not included, which is probably a good thing, since mixing electricity and water is a bad idea. According to the popular blog Thingamababy, Baby Wee Wee used to be sold in England; we were unable to find either doll for sale online, not even on eBay. But at least we have the ads.

What do you think? Are these dolls creepy or no big deal?

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