Homeless Kids' Film 'Sweet Lemonade' Continues to Wow

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Have you ever told your kids, "When life hands you lemons, make lemonade?" Some Sacramento homeless children have taken that advice, and turned the old saying into a film that keeps impressing area film festival audiences.

According to the Sacramento Bee, the producers and actors in the 10-minute video "Sweet Lemonade" are from SKYLAB Youth Development Studio, a program at Serna Village, part of Cottage Housing Inc., a nonprofit Sacramento organization that provides long-term supportive housing for recently homeless families.

"Sweet Lemonade" won an award for best ensemble casting in the 2008 "A Place Called Sacramento" film festival and was shown at the city's Crocker Art Museum's Teen Film Festival.

Emma Moore, Crocker's manager of experiential learning, tells the Bee the film was "very, very well done."

Shannon Simard, a Crocker education intern, was impressed with the work from the Serna Village kids and tells the newspaper her "parents used to be videographers, so I know it's a lot of work to do."

Alison Wells, who helped the children write the script and serves as SKYLAB's program coordinator, tells the Bee she worked to bring together the Serna Village youth and those in film production to create "Sweet Lemonade."

"The kids are so excited every time it's shown," she tells the newspaper.

The opportunity has given children of Serna Village, including Tiera Drake, 12, who plays Paige in the film, a way to shine. Drake's experiences have led her to more involvement in other SKYLAB films.

"When I came here, I watched movies but I didn't know about how they were made and edited," Drake tells the Bee. "I learned everything I know here."

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