Opinion: Sorry, Jon - Kate Gosselin Is Not an Absentee Mom

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Jon Gosselin is claiming his ex-wife, Kate Gosselin, is an absentee parent because she's out working to support her family. Credit: Ray Tamarra, Getty Images

Jon Gosselin, formerly known as one-half of TLC's reality series "Jon and Kate Plus 8," is miffed that the mother of his eight children is out trying to make a living and
filed for primary custody of the couple's famous twins and sextuplets last week.

His claim, according to his lawyer, Anthony F. List, states that his ex is allowing Hollywood to influence her parenting decisions.

Mainly, Jon Gosselin says he's concerned about the fact that Kate is flying between Los Angeles and Pennsylvania in order to participate in the reality show "Dancing With the Stars."

OK, so let me get this straight: Jon Gosselin has a series of alleged affairs with other women while married to Kate, moves out of the couple's home, shuts down production of the pair's TV show (which has been their primary means of financial support for several years) and then he claims his ex-wife is unfit to have primary custody of their children because she is out trying to support her family?

Oh, and let's not forget that he's also asking the courts to reconsider his child support payments, which are about $20,000 a month. Yeah, that doesn't sound fishy at all.

Trying to take a woman's children away from her because she is out working to support them is so 50 years ago, and her decision to work does not constitute neglect or absentee parenting. Welcome to 2010, Jon! Women have the right to work -- and, get this, sometimes they even wear pants! I know, what a shocker, right?

This is just so outrageous. Here's a guy who did everything possible to make himself look like an immature schmuck and now he wants to spend his days minding the eight kids he left behind for a "nomadic life," bouncing around between New York City, Los Angeles and Pennsylvania? It's hard to believe anyone who gives the paparazzi so much fodder could really be interested in spending his days knee-deep in homework and finger paint.

Besides, what's Kate supposed to do? Sit around and wait for her ex to pay for college times eight? If she did that, she'd be called a "welfare queen." I certainly wouldn't rely on someone who's shown he is capable of, if not prone to, bad decision making and impulsive behavior. If Jon was out trying to make a living, no one would say boo. This is just another example of moms being subjected to a societal double-standard.

The fact that the Gosselins were able to settle their public and pugnacious split fairly quickly, while also putting their kids first (the couple agreed to a "bird's nest" arrangement where the kids stay put and Mom and Dad are the ones who come in and out of the house) gave them a lot of credibility. To open those wounds again, not to mention disrupting the kids' lives, seems petty at best; and, at worst, like really bad parenting.

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