How to Play: Hopscotch

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Hop to it. Credit: Cohen/OstrowSafe Neighborhood, Getty Images

What you need: A marker (such as a stone, beanbag or coin) and chalk to draw the board on concrete. This game can be played by one or more children.

How to play:
The first player tosses the marker into the first square, making sure it completely lands within the square without bouncing out or touching a line. That player must then hop through the board, skipping the square with the marker, hopping on one foot on single squares, and straddling the lateral squares with the left foot in the left square and the right foot in the right square. After the player successfully completes that sequence, he or she then tosses the marker into the second square and repeats the sequence. If the player steps on a line, loses balance or misses a square, his or her turn is over.

The rules: Designs can vary, but typically the board is composed of a series of linear squares with blocks of two lateral squares interspersed within the board. The board ends with a home base, which could be a square, a semicircle or a rectangle. The rest of the squares are numbered in the order in which they are to be hopped.

How to win: The first person who can complete one course for every numbered square on the board is the winner.

What else you need to know: There are many variations of hopscotch around the world, such as the French version, called Escargot, which is played on a spiral board.

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