Kourtney Kardashian Talks Babies, Bra Size and Her Baby Daddy

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Kourtney Kardashian embraces motherhood. Credit: INF

Kourtney Kardashian, one third of the triumvirate that is the omnipresent Kardashian sisters, has her hands full at the moment. Four months ago she gave birth to her first child, son Mason whose father is TV villain Scott Disick. Their on-again, off-again rollercoaster relationship was chronicled in 'Keeping up with the Kardashians.' You can catch more of them in Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami which returns to E! in June.

The new mom spoke with ParentDish about pregnancy, breast size and her baby Daddy.

ParentDish: So how is motherhood?
Kourtney Kardashian: Amazing. The best thing in the world. No matter what people tell you about it, you don't get it until it's happening to you. It's so much more than I ever expected in a good way. It definitely changed me. I didn't know anything about babies -- even though I'm the oldest of six -- and it all kind of comes naturally. Everything that you need to know comes naturally, well it did for me.

PD: Are you breastfeeding?
KK: I am. I absolutely love it. I love that it's built in time with him.

PD: Are you amazed at how big your breasts got?
KK: I mean, when I was pregnant they already grew and I thought the milk just fills into that size, but I was wrong. They grew like three sizes.

PD: You know they'll never be as perky again.
KK: That's fine. I love breastfeeding. I love the benefits for him and for me.

PD: Are you in awe of your mom with six kids?
KK: I don't know what this woman was thinking. But I do get it too because I love every phase he's going through. I get the baby fever. I never thought that would be me. I definitely have a whole new level of respect for her.

PD: Do you want any more?
KK: I don't know, definitely one more and see how it goes. A lot of my friends are on their second and they say it's a whole new world with two. I really don't know how my mom had six.

PD: You've got lots of free help.

KK: My little sisters are the best baby sitters. I would take Mason over to my mom's if I wanted to work out there and they would look after him. They're obsessed by him and now down here in Miami he's got to spend a lot of time with Kim and Khloe.

PD: What's the deal with you and Scott?
KK: We are good. He's a great dad. He has a million names for him. He's definitely grown up since we had Mason.

PD: Are you tired of defending your relationship?
KK: You know it's whatever. I just can't take it too seriously. It is what it is.

PD: Are you worried about spoiling Mason?
KK: It's fun to buy him the best stuff but I think my parents did really well with us. They would always buy us nice gifts for our birthdays and Christmas but as we got older we had to work for things. We always had jobs. They've taught me a lot in how to find the balance, so I'll definitely follow their example. We all have strong work ethics and I think they taught us that. Like I got my first car at 16 but I had to carpool my sisters and brother and I had to pay for my own gas and get the car washed once a week. If I didn't get it washed they would take away the keys and I wasn't allowed to drive it. I also remember how differently I felt about the first car that I bought myself.

PD: Do you read to Mason?

KK: I started reading right away. I love Curious George and all the Dr. Seuss books. My mom bought him a bazillion Easter books.

PD: What's the Belly Bandit thingy?
KK: I did a limited edition of it and it's something you wrap around your stomach after you give birth. It's supposed to tighten and shrink your belly. It's actually taken from ancient traditions and stuff. It's really cool. It definitely helped me especially the first six weeks when you can't work out. It helps your stomach to contract and tighten.

PD: So your stomach no longer looks like an accordion?
KK: No, it doesn't. It's kind of weird, I thought that everything went back right away and then I was like, 'Oh it doesn't.' My sisters both do Quick Trim but I couldn't because I'm breastfeeding, so they made me a shake safe for breastfeeding and I replace one meal a day with a shake. And now we're going to start selling it.

PD: I love you Kardashian sisters. Very entrepreneurial.
KK: But it's so good. Like right now I'm holding Mason and I'm on the phone and I'm starving so I'm going to grab a shake.

PD: Okay, you go have that shake.
KK: Thanks.

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