Breastfeeding Pics Banned, Apple Gadgets Help Autistic Kids and More

Breast may be best as far as the World Health Organization is concerned, but not according to Facebook. The social networking site has removed portraits of breastfeeding women created by a British Columbia artist.

The iPad may look like the latest enticing gadget designed to separate you from your wallet. But beyond the hype, the device is proving to have some very useful applications for autistic children.

Is your child heading into full-day JK this fall? Ontario has unveiled their curriculum for their full-day kindergarten program, which will be launched in 600 schools this September. So what's coming? A lot more playtime.

When it comes to adoption, older children are often overlooked. A Canadian portrait series is aiming to change that, and help erase the stigma that keeps older kids from finding homes.

Last fall's H1N1 scare had many parents debating whether to give their children the vaccine, some because they feared it could cause guillain-barre syndrome. But a new study has shown the incidence of the neurological disorder among those who got the shot was low -- Lower, in fact, than those who got the regular seasonal flu vaccine.

Is your kid a movie buff or a budding filmmaker? Starting this weekend, the Toronto International Film Festival presents Sprockets, a film festival for children.

For all those mouth-breathers out there, new research shows that if left untreated, mouth breathing can affect sleep patterns and even cause dental and facial abnormalities.

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