Opinion: Bottle Up the Bad-Mouthing and Leave Suri Cruise Alone

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Stop hatin' on little Suri. Credit: KORPA, Bauer-Griffin

Poor Suri Cruise just can't catch a break. She was spotted
with a baby bottle in her mouth last week in New York City, where mom Katie Holmes is shooting "Son of No One" -- and boy, oh boy, did that bring out the Judgey McJudgersons.

Us magazine published the photo in question and asked readers whether or not it was OK for the preschooler to drink from a bottle at the ripe old age of 4 -- after all, she does occasionally wear high heels -- so, shouldn't she have moved on to a sippy cup?

Comments on Us's site ranged from semi-supportive to downright cruel: "Suri can't possibly be a normal child. One look at her freak parents tells you that," writes AM. Another Us reader, Judith Rushia, wonders if the girl isn't "screwed up developmentally." Yet a third calls her "weird."

Yeah, it's a little creepy for a girl who is almost old enough for kindergarten to be toting a bottle around, but I know my kid is having a hard time weaning from the bottle and he's almost 2. My point is that this poor little girl is the subject of so much negative press, and the stories always seem to focus on her, like somehow she is in charge of her own upbringing.

First it was the high heels. After that, her $850 handbag made the news. Then it was the bottle. Now, she's wearing lipstick.

Her parents are raising her; she's just the kid. The vitriol seems out of proportion to her alleged crimes. My take? The press really wants to go after her parents, that famous Scientologist Tom Cruise, and his wife, Katie Holmes. Sometimes they do, but more often than not the paparazzi gets all up in Suri's grill, instead. And that just isn't cool.

Soon enough, Suri will be old enough to read, if she isn't already. It won't be long before she can do a Google search for her own name and up will come pages and pages of press coverage about how weird she and her parents are. Yes, her parents are celebrities, and yes, one of them has been pretty vocal about some of his more questionable opinions. But just like the rest of us, Suri didn't get to choose her parents.

It's time to back off and let her be a little girl -- high heels, bottles and all.

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