Are Matching Twin Names Too Cheesy?

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How do you feel about anagram names? I am debating whether or not the names
Celia and Alice would be okay for my twin girls. My husband says that this might be too cheesy, but I think that ryhming names are cheesy for twins, but anagram names are fine. Alice is a beloved family name, and I love the more modern name Celia. Is my husband right; are anagram names too much for twins?

Here's my rule for "theme" baby names: never, ever choose a name to fit a sibling theme if you wouldn't have chosen that name on its own.

Each child deserves a name that's whole in itself, and that was chosen with her parents' total enthusiasm. A little Tulip with big sisters Lily, Rose, Violet and Daisy has been shortchanged. Tulip comes across as just one more blossom in the bouquet, not an individual. The sibling set mattered more than her name. Worst of all, she'll always know that her parents considered her name fifth-best out of a very small pool.

But Alice and Celia? Ah, that's another story. Each of the names is traditional, stylish and complete. The link between them is subtle enough that not everyone will notice it. Neither name stands out more than the other, or demands to be said first. The names also sound different enough that nobody is likely to mix them up. In short, Alice and Celia just sound like sisters.

Since you've avoided all the many traps of "matching" names, you get to enjoy the advantages. The anagram can be like a secret sibling code. For identical twins in particular, I think it's a powerful symbol of the bond they share. Starting with the same ingredients, you produce two separate individuals -- unique, whole and beautiful.

So your twin names pass my test. Getting them past your husband, though, is up to you.

How did you choose sibling names? Share your experiences here. And if you have your own question to Ask the Name Lady, drop her a line!

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