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If you were curious about what happened to Brendan Fraser, star of "With Honors" and "Encino Man," then stop wondering!

Apparently he drank some of Eddie Murphy's Kool-Aid, because he's doing children's movies now. Unfortunately your kids will probably find this one hysterical, so be prepared to be forced to see it! Get the scoop on "Furry Vengeance," in theaters April 30.

The movement to call comics "graphic novels" seems to lose steam when we find ones like the Fame series. These books feature celebrity biographies told through classic comic book styles. Their latest edition? Taylor Swift, of course. Anyone ever use comic books to build a bonfire? We expect the Taylor Swift Fame book to be on shelves later this year.

Now here's a good laugh -- SpongeBob SquarePants is going all activist for an Earth Day-themed episode of the hit show, airing tonight on Nickelodeon. When he finds out his beloved Jellyfish Fields will be affected by a new highway he, and Patrick Star, try to save the day. This has got to be good! Check out clips from the episode.
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