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Here is a look at what's new this week in family entertainment as adapted from reviews and ratings by Common Sense Media. Click on the links to read the reviews in full.

In Theaters: The Back-Up Plan
A romantic comedy about pregnancy and love, "The Back-Up Plan" features Jennifer Lopez as a single woman who meets Mr. Right just hours after undergoing artificial insemination. Extremely frank body talk, nudity and the occasional curse word make this inappropriate for kids. Rated PG-13, iffy for kids 15-17

DVD: The Lovely Bones
A young girl narrates the story of her own murder in "The Lovely Bones," a film based on Alice Sebold's bestselling book of the same name. A grim tale viewed from the dead girl's perspective, it is alternately horrifying and hopeful. Strong language and disturbing flashback scenes earn the film its rating. Rated PG-13, iffy for kids 16-18

TV: Romantically Challenged
Alyssa Milano is "Romantically Challenged" in ABC's new comedy about a recently divorced woman reentering the dating world. She's a mother and a lawyer, but the show ignores all that in favor of a sex-focused plot that is anything but romantic. Rated TV-PG, iffy for kids 14-18

Books: Babymouse Series
A collection of stories featuring an imaginative little mouse, the "Babymouse Series" offers young readers a lesson in hard work, friendship and perseverance. The comic book format and engaging illustrations will draw kids in as Babymouse learns to ditch her negative thoughts and accept help when she needs it. OK for kids 7+

Music: Kissin U
Nickelodeon's adorable Miranda Cosgrove sings about the power of smooching in "Kissin U," a single release from her new CD "Sparks." Nothing deep or meaningful here, just a super sweet pop song about a girl who really enjoys kissing a boy. OK for kids10+

Vintage bedtime stories from around the world become animated cartoons at "," a toddler-friendly video site. In addition to videos, the free site offers a few games, a children's art gallery, a blog and a link to the Daily Bunny. OK for kids 4+

Games: Dora Puppy
For Nintendo DS and DSi, "Dora Puppy" is an easy-to-play game that is as cute as it sounds. With Dora the Explorer leading the way, players care for and play with her puppy Perrito by tracing shapes and speaking instructions. Tokens earned can be used to buy puppy toys and clothes or to enter the Big Puppy Competition. Rated E, OK for kids 4+

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