How to Play: Horse

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Miss a shot, get an "H." Credit: ryan_fung, Flickr

What you need: At least two players, a basketball and a basketball hoop.

How to play: The first player is allowed to shoot from anywhere on the court. If he or she makes that shot, all other players must shoot from that same position and must make the basket or they receive an "H," the first letter from "horse." If the first player misses the shot, the other players can shoot from anywhere. If the next player makes the shot, it forces the next player to shoot from that position and make the basket. The game continues until someone has received all five letters in "horse."

The rules: In some variations, players may not repeat a "made" shot -- once a basket has been made from a certain position or style, it cannot be taken again.

How to win: The first player to spell out "horse" loses.

What else you need to know: A shorter version of the game can be played using "pig" instead of "horse."

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