Cheat Sheet: Justin Bieber, Miranda Cosgrove and a Bad-Girl Cheerleader

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Can't fight the fever: Justin Bieber fans in Sydney, Australia, show their support.Credit: Graham Denholm, Getty Images

"Bieber Fever" hit a new high this week when a Justin Bieber outdoor, scheduled performance had to be cancelled due to lack of crowd control. Seriously, when will this madness end? Maybe when his voice changes a couple of octaves ... We can hope, right?

As if we needed another multi-threat Miley Cyrus type, "iCarly" star Miranda Cosgrove released an album this week. At least it seems that Miranda has a good head on her shoulders, we don't expect to see her pulling any crazy antics, though stranger things have happened. Let your kids give "Sparks Fly" a listen before they waste their money, errr we mean, buy the CD.

And in news we wish we'd never heard, a JV cheerleader in Fort Worth, TX, was suspended for urinating in teammates' soda. Two members of the team received in-school suspensions after the prank, that involved two of their fellow cheerleaders drinking a soda laced with a teammate's urine. Let's all take a moment to teach our kids that, 1.) Urinating (or performing any other number of bodily functions) into someone else's cup is foul and 2.) If you didn't prepare the drink yourself, you should be cautious in your acceptance of it.

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