Celebrating Mother's Day ... With Marijuana

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On "Weeds," Mary-Louise Parker plays a pot-dealing mama. Credit: Showtime

Mother's Day is Sunday, so you might want to take Mom out for brunch and maybe buy her candy or some flowers or a brand new hat. Or you could just get her a nice bag of weed.

Jessica Corry would approve. Corry, a Denver lawyer, activist and conservative Republican (as well as one of Sarah Palin's biggest fans), just happens to think marijuana should be legal.

She also thinks Mother's Day would be a good time for moms everywhere to rise in defense of the Demon Weed.

Corry made her call to arms (or bongs, as they case may be) in the Green Zone section of the website Dscriber.com. It got a lot of notice, and was picked up by the Huffington Post and other sites throughout the blogosphere.

"While Americans view Mother's Day as one of rest for the nation's moms, I'm excited to be part of a new coalition that will utilize this holiday to call on our fellow mothers to take action," Corry writes.

And, she adds, she's starting a new coalition this week called the Women's Marijuana Movement.

"With a multitude of national polls showing public support for legalization at nearly 50 percent, we'll be speaking to our fellow moms in the hope that if we can just convince one in 10 of them, we will succeed," she writes.

Mind you, Corry doesn't inhale. In fact, she says, she never touches the stuff. It's just that after years of representing medical marijuana patients and clinics in the Denver area, she feels pot ought to be legalized.

Corry writes that her two daughters are right at her side this week, and that mothers and women of all walks of life are the key to changing the laws that she feels unfairly treat marijuana as a dangerous drug.

As a conservative, Corry writes, she's a bit of a curiosity in the marijuana community.

"Initially, I was greeted with skepticism by the movement's left-leaning activists, tokenized as the pro-pot Republican mom," she writes. "Over the years, I've devoted too many column inches to lamenting the fact that more conservative women wouldn't join me in this cause."

Being a Republican mother committed to legalizing marijuana, she admits, "can be lonely." This year, however, she's not singing the blues.

"On this Mother's Day, I'm anything but alone," she writes. "After spending too many years blindly accepting government talking points espousing the alleged harms posed by marijuana use, we're taking a second look."

While some argue marijuana is no more harmful than alcohol, Corry argues it is actually far less harmful.

"While every year brings the tragic story of a college kid dying from an alcohol overdose, marijuana has never independently caused an overdose in this country," she writes. "In a perfect world, my kids will never experiment with marijuana or alcohol, but as a realist, I also fear the pain alcohol could cause in their later lives far more than I fear any detrimental consequences of marijuana use."

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