Links We Love: Moms Rock! Edition

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Mom deserves a makeover. Go to to see the amazing results. Credit: Kristin Burns

We can't get enough of Mom, and lucky for us the blogosphere is just chock full o' love for mothers as we close in on her special day. Check out our weekly picks for the best of the Web and don't forget to let Mom sleep in this weekend!

Over at our fashionable sister site, StyleList, one mom gets a fantastic makeover courtesy of her devoted sons: "Bonnie is a single mother who devotes her life to her children and the ones she teaches. Compassionate, caring and completely selfless, her boys thought their mom should be made top priority." You will seriously not believe this transformation.

Ellen from "Love That Max" is a mom to a son with special needs, and she celebrates her peers with her "Top 20 Reasons Moms Of Kids With Special Needs ROCK." You may remember her "Bill of Rights" for parents of kids with special needs from 2009, and she's at it again this week. Here's a sneak peek at No. 5: "Because we have bad days and breakdowns and bawl-fests, and then we pick ourselves up and keep right on going." Go. Read. Be inspired, and share.

We just happen to have terrific mothers-in-law, but not everyone is that lucky. Our pals at MomLogic offer a hilarious take on the perfect gift for that nosy, critical MIL in your life. Tell her off with these adorably snarky coupons: "Redeem for: One Criticism-Free Day." You'll laugh, you'll cry, you might tuck them in her Mother's Day card.

Motherhood has been big news this year, and the fine women at The Stir take a look back at all the stories that made us laugh, cry or throw our breast pumps at the monitor in an awesome interactive chart. Grab a cup of coffee and walk down moms-in-the-media memory lane.

If you're looking for a thought-provoking post about the complex nature of Mother's Day, look no further than this moving essay at the blog "Halfway to Normal" about the shifting nature of motherhood and how it evokes so many different, complex emotions. As author Kristin Tennant writes, "motherhood isn't nearly as straightforward as gynecologists say it is." Bring your hankies, folks.

There you have it -- a virtual (Ha ha! Get it?) feast of good reads. Enjoy, and please, do share your favorite blog posts of the week with us. What are you reading?


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