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Here is a look at what's new this week in family entertainment as adapted from reviews and ratings by Common Sense Media. Click on the links to read the reviews in full.

In Theaters: Babies
Four infants from four different parts of the world star in "Babies," a documentary that examines the joys of childhood during the first year of life. With no commentary or subtitles, the film illustrates the very different experiences of children growing up in different cultures. Rated PG, OK for kids 7+

DVD: Flicka 2
A sequel to the 2006 film "Flicka" and based on the book by Mary O'Hara, "Flicka 2" introduces Carrie, a tough city girl learning to adapt to life in the country with a father she hasn't seen in years. Anti-social and angry, she's a wild teen who is tamed through her relationship with an equally wild horse. Rated PG, OK for kids 8+

TV: When I Was 17
Celebrities reminisce about their younger days on "When I Was 17," a reality series on MTV. Stars like Kim Kardashian and Perez Hilton share memories and photos of themselves in an upbeat and entertaining walk down memory lane. As you might expect, some of their stories reveal a misspent and mischievous youth. Rated TV-PG, iffy for kids 14-15

Books: The Carrie Diaries
"The Carrie Diaries" examines the life of Candace Bushnell's famous "Sex and the City" darling when she was a mere high school girl. Through diary entries, the book explores such mature themes as sex, pregnancy, homosexuality and drugs. While there are good role models and positive messages in her book of secrets, the overall theme is more appropriate for older readers. Iffy for kids 15-17

Music: Not Myself Tonight by Christina Aquilera
Christina Aguilera's first single from her forthcoming "Bionic" album is "Not Myself Tonight," a typically raunchy ode to clubbing, drinking and partying. The F-bombs may be bleeped, but the song's message about the joys of being a bad girl comes through loud and clear. Iffy for kids 14-16

Web: Mononas
A social networking site for tweens, "Mononas" features five main characters, billed as "all-American girls with a Latin flavor." Kids can create an avatar, listen to and download music and play some simple games. The interactive blog component is thin but promises more content in the future. OK for kids 9+

Games: Disney Fairies
For Leapster and Leapster 2, "Disney Fairies" lets young players take on the role of helper fairies, using math skills to assist Tinker Bell and her friends. As they work among the fairies, players use logic to play games, create art and repair and build toys. Not Rated, OK for kids 5+


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