Mom Returns 'Gossip Girl' Library Books After Nearly 2 Years

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Spotted: Four delinquent books finally returned. XOXO, Gossip Girl. Credit: Jacob Langston, Orlando Sentinel / MCT

The Florida-mom-turned-reading-renegade has finally returned four "Gossip Girl"-inspired books to her local library after nearly two years.

Tina Harden, who has three teenagers, says she refused to return the books because she thought they were too racy for teens and she wanted people to be made aware of her point of view through media attention, UPI reports.

"There was a certain amount of good that could come from me holding the books to make a statement, and I felt like that was achieved," Harden says. "I feel like I had done my part to help focus attention on this."

What about the $85 fine she amassed? Harden hasn't paid it, and she tells UPI she hopes the library will waive the fine.

Good luck with that. Seminole County library services manager Jane Peterson says she cannot forgive the fines, but she is glad the books have been returned, UPI reports.

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