How to Play: Pairs in the Middle, Suits on the Ends

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This game is a variation of solitaire. Credit: aprilzosia, Flickr

What you need: In this version of solitaire, all you need is one player and a standard deck of playing cards.

How to play:
Shuffle the deck and deal four cards out face up. Remove cards as follows: If you have a pair in the middle of the four cards, you may remove them. If the first card and the fourth card are the same suit, you remove the two middle cards. If all four cards are the same suit, remove all four cards. Add another card to the right end of your row. If it is the same suit as the fourth card to the left, remove the two middle cards. If you paired up in the middle, you can remove the two middle cards. And if all four cards are in the same suit, remove all four cards.

The rules:
Continue adding cards to the right, looking for cards with matching suits with two cards between them and pairs in the middle of four cards. Also, remember to look for four cards in a row of the same suit.

How to win: You win the game if you are left with no cards.

What else you need to know:
This is a good way to introduce your children to solitaire.

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