Reality Show 'Dad Camp' Turns Boys Into Men by Teaching Them to be Fathers

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Dr. Jeff Gardere works with expectant couple Aaron and Shell on "Dad Camp." Credit: VH1

A bunch of sniveling little boys are going to boot camp. If they survive, they will emerge as men.

This is not the Marine Corps. This boot camp is teaching recruits not to be warriors, but fathers.

In the end, they may wish they had joined the Marines instead. Producers at VH1 promise their "Dad Camp" will be grueling.

The reality show premieres at 10:30 p.m. on Monday, May 31.

Six young men, all greener than Kermit the frog when it comes to fatherhood, will go to camp with their pregnant girlfriends. There, they will meet relationship expert Dr. Jeff Gardere.

Gardere, a licensed psychologist and therapist, will prepare the recruits for fatherhood. In the eight hour-long episode series, they'll learn the importance of selflessness and commitment.

The couples will share the same house, working and supporting each other through tough lessons in parenting, honesty and maturity, according to a press release. Gardere initiates an intensive parenting lesson each episode and challenges the young men to prepare them for fatherhood.

Through Gardere's challenges, the recruits will learn that their choices can cause a negative effect on the child, PR Newswire reports.

"We're really proud of 'Dad Camp' because it shows a group of unprepared fathers-to-be how to embrace their looming responsibilities while also reminding viewers in general that parenthood is something to be taken seriously by both parents," Jeff Olde, executive vice president of Original Programming at VH1, tells PR Newswire.

"This series is just the latest example of how VH1 is expanding its storytelling formats to reflect some of the issues that confront our young adult audience," he adds.

The show explores issues such as the importance of male role models, absent fathers and the struggles of being a young parent. The expectant mothers will conclude the series by deciding whether or not to stay with their boyfriends or raise their babies on their own.

"With 'Dad Camp,' we really wanted to go beyond exploring the critical role of fatherhood in today's family, and give dads something useful and tangible that they could take away," Executive Producer J.D. Roth tells PR Newswire.

"We're so appreciative that VH1 was savvy enough to allow us to do a show that delved this deep into the issue, and into the hearts and minds of real people trying to solve real problems in their lives, and transform into better parents along the way," he says.

According to PR Newswire, viewers can catch a sneak peek of the season's first episode on beginning Friday, May 28. Central and be available on every Tuesday morning following their Monday night premiere at 10 p.m.

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