Little Girl's Daily Affirmation Makes Us Happy

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"I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me."

Sometimes you need a little Stuart Smalley to get your day started. But now that we and some 650,000 others have seen "Jessica's 'Daily Affirmation' " video on YouTube, we're totally using her empowering -- and, yes, adorable -- words (complete with dance moves) to get our days started and our self-esteem boosted.

"My whole house is great. I can do anything good. I like my school. I like anything. I like my dad. I like my cousins. I like my aunts. I like my Allisons. I like my moms. I like my sisters. ... I like my hair. I like my haircuts. I like my pajamas. I like my stuff. I like my room. I like my whole house. My whole house is great. I can do anything good. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I can do anything good, better than anyone!"

The video was posted last June, but, as these viral often things go, it's blowing up all over Facebook today. We would have happily written about it back when it first posted, especially since some of our team members were out of work then and could have really used Jessica's rosy outlook.

Now, say it with us: "I can do anything good, better than anyone!"

And speaking of doing things better, our sister site, Urlesque, nabbed an interview with young Jessica, now 12 years old. Click here to see the upbeat tween today.

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