Oh, Baby: Teen Mom Blogs Pregnancy on YouTube

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Jessica Shafer was 17 when she found out she was expecting a baby, and, rather than hide her pregnancy, she decided to share it with the world via a video blog on YouTube.

Shafer, of Modesto, Calif., has posted 60 videos over the course of her pregnancy thus far -- she's due June 18 -- and says she wants to share the challenge of teen motherhood with honesty, according to a report by CBS 13 News.

"I share everything; I don't hold back," Shafer tells the news station.

Indeed, she blogs about everything from the typical aches and pains of pregnancy to the excitement of the day she found out the gender of her child -- a girl whom she and her fiance will name Lilia.

"We're really excited!" she exclaims in the clip, a huge smile on her face.

Her story is touching people around the world, some of whom send her cards and gifts from as far away as Ireland. Shafer estimates that her blog has received around 360,000 views, and, according to her YouTube channel, she has 2,268 followers.

Shafer's mother, Wendy Payne, says her daughter is a good example for others who might be dealing with challenges in their lives.

"People who are living their own hardships, whatever they may be, can see that she has a challenge and she's choosing to react to it in a positive manner," Payne tells CBS 13.

Shafer, now 18, will graduate from high school in June with straight 'A's, and she plans to attend college with the support of Lilia's father and her own parents. For those who may say she is glamorizing teen pregnancy, she has these words: "They're like, 'Oh, you are promoting teen pregnancy,' and I'm not," she tells CBS 13. "I mean, I'm showing them in my videos how hard it is, too."

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