How to Play: Concentration

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Simply grab a deck of cards to play Concentration. Credit: (nutmeg), Flickr

What you need: A deck of playing cards. This game can be played solitaire or with any number of players.

How to play:
All 52 cards are placed face down on a table or the floor, usually in four rows of 13 cards. Players take turns trying to find pairs by lifting up two cards on each turn. If the cards match, that player receives those two cards. If they don't, the player places both cards face down again, and the turn goes to the next player. The game continues until the last pair has been picked up.

The rules: Pairs are cards that match rank and color. For example, a three of hearts and a three of diamonds, or a king of spades and a king of clubs are both pairs.

How to win:
Find the most pairs by the end of the game.

What else you need to know:
This game can be easily adjusted for young children by saying ranks of any colors can match.

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